Midnight in Paris

If you have yet to see Midnight in Paris….

What are you waiting for?

With a dynamite concept, location, and cast, it’s easily the most satisfying and fulfilling picture of the year.

Midnight in Paris is part nostalgic reverie, part romance. Romance in the conventional sense, yes, but also in the visceral, intellectual, and visual. Romance of the past, romance of the arts, and most importantly… romance of Paris. We know, right off the bat, that Woody Allen is in love with Paris; his lush portrayal of the City of Light, especially in his opening sequence, is ample evidence. A classic, delicious montage.

I’m happy to report that Allen subscribes to the same whimsical-filmsical school of thought as Jean-Pierre Jeunet (with his Amélie.) Both show a magnificent, flawlesss, “moveable feast” of a city. (Hemingway, anyone?) Now… most of us know that there’s so much more to Paris than romantic Paris movie montages. We know it’s a city wrought with stuffy metro travel, expense, traffic, etc…. but films like these allow us Lutecian enthusiasts to pretend, for a moment, that the city we already adore, is even more adorable. We relish and indulge the experience. Plus, if you are at all nostalgic for bygone times, especially Paris in the 2os, this film will be an elixir for your soul. Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, etc. *squeal!*

The ensemble cast is incredible. I am not per se a fan of Owen Wilson–I always wish his brother were playing every part he plays–but… in this movie his kind of aloof lightness worked. Then, of course, Marion Cotillard is luminescent as usual. Kathy Bates is impeccable.  France’s first lady, Carla Bruni, too, is a vibrant part of the production. And with a cameo by the “it boy” of the last 5 years, Gad Elmaleh, to boot, the film is packed to the brim with talent.

And, Lord have mercy…. Adrien Brody is a revelation. I’ve never seen him in a movie before–because up until now his movies haven’t been “Annie Movies”–but… wow. As Salvador Dalí, he’s captivating, and… handsome, and… electric. (I mean… I kinda wish I were Halle Berry, if younawhaImean…)

It’s just one of those movies that you’ll want to see over and over again because every moment is sumptuous and scrumptious. Thank you, Woody. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So, go! Get thee to a cineplex! Pre-order your DVD. Frolic in Paris gaiety and reverie!


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