I Spy… Cake!

I’m really into cake.

I mean, I’m sure you know this already if you’re even the slightest bit familiar with me and/or my blog, but I just thought I might reiterate…

I’m into it.

But here’s the thing… though most of the time I favor Gallic sweets, above all, I’m into American cake, i.e. thick, moist layers of cake, with buttery buttercream thickly whacked in between, and copious frosting mounded and smoothed on top.

And I just can’t find it here. (I’ve found some attempts, sure, but nothing that comes even close to SusieCakes or Magnolia.)

Granted, I’m new to Paris. So there’s still time… but I kind of secretly hope that I’ll never find it, because then that would force/inspire me to open my own little American Bakery in Paris. (For which I’ve already drawn out the floor plan, designed the brand logo, and made a tentative menu. I’m that much of a cake visionist.)

And speaking of Cake Visionists, there’s this awesome person I have to tell you about. Her name is Jessie Moore Oleson, and she’s the creator of Cakespy. She lives in Seattle and once made my brother a personalized Cakespy paper bag with a sharpie. She’s that cool.

And she’s super famous in cake land–a baker, a blogger, an artist and author–so you can imagine my delight when she agreed to be interviewed by City of Annie!

Interview with Jessie Oleson of Cakespy

Annie: Hey Jessie! So besides eating yumyumsweets, what part of your job do you revel in the most?

JO: I love the fact that wherever I go, I have a built-in raison d’être (trying to be all frenchy with you!): to try out the pastries in any given place. It’s definitely a fun, engaging, and delicious way in which to discover the world.

A: I love your raison d’être, mine’s pretty similar. And since you are a blogger, what are a couple of other baked/cookery blogs that you’re currently enjoying?

JO: Oh, I always love Serious Eats, I also really have been loving Best Friends for Frosting, Bake it in a Cake, Joy the Baker, and The Decorated Cookie!

A: I love Joy the Baker. So… a bit random, but if you got to bake one thing for your great-grandmother, what would it be?

JO: A funfetti cake: something that wasn’t around in her day! It would be fun, but she’d probably say it was too sweet!

A: We know you love sweets, but what’s your fave savory dish?

JO: Tie: Eggs Benedict and Cheeseburgers. I love the healthy stuff, you know?

A: What’s not to love? And what yummy would you like me to vicariously eat for you here in Paris? :)

JO: How about an eclair from Stohrer and a praluline from from Pralus? And
if you don’t mind, a kouign amann from Patisserie des Reves, while
you’re at it. Merci!

A: Avec plaisir! And, finally, team pie or team cake?

JO: Please don’t call me PieSpy. I love eating all of it, but cake is really the sweet closest to my heart.

A: Moi aussi. Oh, and one more thing… your last name sounds Scandinavian. (I’m Norwegian.) If you are, do you have a fave Scandinavian sweet? (Mine’s potato cakes, “potet kaker.” It’s mashed potatoes mixed with flour and a bit of cooked oatmeal rolled out into a thick tortilla, then dry fried on a fry pan with flour. Then we thickly spread butter, cinnamon and sugar, and roll it up and nom nom nom. It’s insanely delish. We make it after most holidays.

JO: Oleson (pronounced “olson” ) is Scandinavian, but I come from Irish
and German descent (the name came in through marriage). Nonetheless, I
have become a very big admirer of the semla bun - mmmmmm.

A: Thanks so much, Jessie!

Please check out some of Jessie’s fabulous artwork below.

Oh, and… can we just talk about this Kate Spade bag realquick? How cool is that?

That’s on my half-birthday list.

Yours truly,

Marie A N N toinette

“Let them eat cake!” 

(Minus the beheading and whatnot, you know.)

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3 Responses to I Spy… Cake!

  1. Carol says:

    Let me eat cake! As soon as I spy some!

  2. What a lovely interview & blog. Thanks for the shout out Jessie! We love you!

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